Gang Profiles: Black P Stones

Black P. Stones Nation (BPSN) are a Chicago Street gang. The Black P. Stones came to power during the Vietnam opium boom of the 1960‘s-1970‘s. The Dug Cartel entity controlling the manufacturing of opium into heroin and trafficking heroin into America from Vietnam sought out local criminals in Chicago to sell their drugs.

They discovered Jeff Fort and his low level gang and gave him money and drugs to sell resulting into a creation of a powerful gang.

Their gang name orginates from the street name Blackstone Avenue in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago's South Side.

Fort duped Presbyterian minister Reverend John Fry into allowing the Black P. Stones to take over his church, where it was used as head quarters of the gang.

The Drug Cartel Entity who had American connections funded the Black P. Stones through Grants, over 1 million dollars in grants that were used for the Black P. Stones drug selling operations. The gang would use front charities promoting goodwill to collect the money. Throughout the world its common for gangs and terrorist cliques involved in the illegal drug trade to create front charities to funnel money.

In 1972 members of the Black P. Stones were convicted for defrauding the federal government for a grant of $927,000, when law enforcement discovered this money was used for drug selling operations.

Jeff Fort converted to Islam and changed his name to Khalifa Abdullah Malik aka Chief Malik.

Libya and Muammar Gadhafi would fund a large sum of money to any American radical Islam cliques if they had intentions of committing terrorist acts against America and Fort wanted in on this money.

When Jeff Fort converted to Islam he formed a Radical Islamic gang called the El Rukns a sect of the Black P. Stones.

The best source of information places the birth of the El Rukn identity at an April, 1976 event. In April, 1976, according to federal indictment information, Jeff Fort held a large meeting for members of the BPSN at which he announced that the name of the organization was from then on to be known as the "El Rukn's" and that he, Jeff Fort, was the sole leader of the El Rukn Nation. The meeting has held at a site the gang called "The Camp" (located at 4233 South Indiana Avenue in Chicago)

On April 14, 1978 the El Rukns formed their own corporation to purchase a number of apartment buildings and hotels in Chicago. The corporation was called the "El-Pyramid Maintenance and Management Corporation". One of the first buildings to be purchased was the property at 3945 - 3959 South Drexel in Chicago, previously it had been the "Oakland Square Theater" building but under Jeff Fort's ownership became known as the "El Rukn Grand Major Temple of America", AKA "The Fort". The "Fort" was demolished in June of 1990.

In 1985, the Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan , who received millions of dollars from Gaddafi introduced Jeff Fort and the El Rukns to Gaddafi, Louis Farrakhan introduced and referred the El Rukns to Gaddafi via Satellite as his "Angels of Death" according court testimony of one the gang members Lance Williams. Gaddafi via satellite urged Americans serving in the U.S. military to desert and join his forces.

In 1986 Jeff Fort and the El Rukns made deals with who they thought were Gaddafi’s operatives to blow up U.S Government buildings and blow up American Airplanes for a large sum of money, that resulted in Fort being charged by law enforcement with the conspiracy to commit terrorist acts on behalf of the Libyan government.

Gadhafi said the Nation of Islam and his army the El Rukns were his key to infiltrate the U.S. to attack the country from inside.

The El Rukns pledge their allegiance to Libya, as evidence in a video released a few years ago.

Once becoming an El Rukn, the gang member changed his name by adding the "-el" suffix. In this fashion, to illustrate by example, gang member "Shay Bilker" became "Shay Bilker-el". The gang members used this name in everything they did: any paperwork, student loans, applying for government programs, welfare, etc. Thus it became easy to "pick off" the El Rukns on a computer in the late 1970's and throughout the 1980's, all one had to do was search the last name field in any file for the character string "-el".

Cloaked in the use of Islamic phrases, the BPSN gang grossly perverts Islamic religion by using this quasi-religious identity as a vehicle for gang organization and covert communications

Fort wrote in a letter from prison to its members he wants the Black P. Stones to infiltrate college campuses and create campus gangs.

Black P. Stones want to create a political front organization, to eventually be able to run for political office in Chicago, in a plan to control politics in Chicago to protect their drug operations. They became aware of this when Jeff Fort found out the Gangster Disciples, the number one murderes in Chicago created a political front group called the 21st Century V.O.T.E, a scam to get gangster disciples into Politics.

About 60% of Black P. Stone members claim they posses a gun.

Gang Tattoos and symbols: Their flag is Red, Black and Green. The BPSN symbol is a Pyramid with a five pointed green star in the center of the Pyramid, with Almighty written over the top of the sun with Black P. Stone under the pyramid and the word Nation at the bottom of the circle.

The Black P. Stones celebrate August 8th by having a feast, what the members call a feast day. This day was chosen to celebrate the anniversary of the day the Black P. Stones made the order to murder Chicago Police and Gang intelligence Officer James Alfono.

Black P Stones are Involved in numerous shootings resulting in the death of innocent children and bystanders

The Chicago Police undercover prostitution operation called "Little Girl Lost," discovered the Black P. Stones are involved in child prostitution, they would recruit children as young as 12 years old to be prostitutes

The Black P. Stones currently murder more Chicago citizens than any other street gang except the Gangster Disciples

Important articles regarding the Black P. Stones

  • Jeff Fort paid by Libya to blow up U.S government buildings and Airplanes
  • Violent night in Chicago: 19 shot between Thursday night and early Friday Morning
  • Black P. Stone gang member shoots and kills 10 year old
  • Chicago millionaire Noah Robinson makes $333,000 heroin deal with Fort and asks Jeff Fort to murder two people

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